How to set a good password

Let’s face it. Passwords are not your favourite thing about using the web. They can be hard to create, hard to remember, and, worst of all, hacked. Let’s find out how to set a good password.

When you are prompted to make a password you may have noticed some sites asking for you to enter a number or special character. This makes it even harder to remember and it doesn’t fix the problem of it being weak in the first place. Password1 is just as easy to guess as password. Our brains just aren’t wired to create highly secure alpha-numerical passwords that are hard to guess.

Password Managers such as Lastpass and Google’s offering hope to fix issue two: hard to remember. Your password is now stored in two locations though, your manager, and the site you have a login for, which means there are now two places a hacker could steal your information from. aims to alert you to breached passwords and inform you not to use them again. This is great, but now you’re back at step one. How to create a password, and how to remember it.

We think Two-Factor Authentication can solve a lot of password woes. Living in the modern world you always have access to your phone or email to authorize a login. Now you don’t have to worry about creating or remembering a password. Most modern phones even use biometric authentication now, so even if someone stole your phone, they wouldn’t be able to gain access to any of the accounts you authenticate with it. This takes care of a lot of the security worries involved with traditional passwords.

In conclusion, if the service you use has a two-factor authentication option, enable it. If they don’t, contact them and ask for them to implement it.

When you have a WordPress site with Galexia Creative Agency Ltd we enforce strong password rules on all logins. We also use up-to-date security plugins to scan the site for malware and use two types of firewalls to protect your website. We also use Cloudflare which has numerous security measures in place to block malicious users gaining access to your site. Contact us today for your free no obligations quote.