How we sped up our WordPress sites by over 16x

Walmart saw up to a 2% increase in conversions for every 1 second of improvement in load time. Every 100ms improvement also resulted in up to a 1% increase in revenue. Source – WPOStats

If you’re still not convinced that page load speed is important check out this article.

Although our sites were fast, we took it upon ourselves to make them even faster. An eye blink takes roughly 300ms (Source – Shane O’Neill), sites hosted with us load in under 100ms (See graphs at the end). That means whilst your blinking you could see 3 of our sites.

By using Cloudflare we can cache content at the edge, in over 200 cities worldwide, bringing your website geographically closer to your visitors. Traditionally, this only worked with static files such as images and files, but now it works for pages too. We use the WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache plugin which enables this page-caching technique on all of our websites.

There’s an added bonus too; the more visitors to your site, the more your website is cached meaning it gets faster for everyone. There’s no longer any need to worry about scalability. Now time to get some more website visitors!

Here’s the before and after on one of our sites, hosted elsewhere, that shows a drastic decrease in load time from ~4,000ms to ~500ms.

And another before and after on a site hosted by us which shows a decrease from ~800ms to ~80ms.

If your site is running slowly have a look at our hosting plans, we’d be more than happy to help!