Why should you backup your WordPress site?

Backups are important for anything digital, be it your computer, phone, emails, or website. If that service or device goes down for some reason then without a solid backup you may have lost years worth of data. Imagine storing all of your precious family photos on your home PC with no backup, then one day the hard drive fails. You would be devastated.

The same is true with websites. Spending months crafting your online presence only to have an update break the entire site, or for somebody to gain access and delete all of the content, would leave you, and your business, in a vulnerable position. That’s why we advise everyone to make sure they have a rigorous backup process in place.

It’s important with any backup process that you test it. This ensures that the content you want has been backed up and that it can be restored with relative ease.

We offer a backup service ourselves for £50/year. If you haven’t already got a solid backup plan in place, contact us today.