Why should you worry about site security?

Website security is becoming increasingly important in the tech age. Cyber threats are all around us and even happen to the biggest of companies and countries.

We don’t expect you to become a cybersecurity expert just to have a web presence though. We take care of looking after your website, ensuring no bad actors gain access and potentially ruin your reputation. We use a 24/7 WordPress security plugin to automatically block bots and hackers. We also put Cloudflare in front of all of our sites, which acts as a giant firewall ensuring even greater website security.

If the worst does happen and your website gets hacked, you need to make sure you have a backup in place. We encrypt all of our backups, test our restore process regularly and store our backups on external servers so they don’t get hacked too.

We include all this by default, but if you choose not to host your website with us, make sure your hosting provider has a good backup system, a firewall, and that your site has an SSL Certificate.

New security protocols are often released and, as we use Cloudflare, we get to try them out first. These security protocols go hand-in-hand with speeding up your site too.

HTTP/3 uses the Quic protocol rather than TCP which means that data sent between the server and browser is almost entirely encrypted. This is great for your users as it means they’re less likely to fall victim to a man-in-the-middle attack, where an attacker pretends to be your website and steals your customer data.

To make sure you get the benefits of all this added security you need to consistently update your browser, and encourage others to too.

If you feel your current web host isn’t putting enough effort into the speed and security of your site, contact us today.